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North Wales


Shade Tree Commission

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The Shade Tree Commission is composed of five members. The Commission shall have the responsibility to plan and make recommendations to Borough Council for the planting, replacement, removal, protection, and needed maintenance of shade trees that are within 10 feet of the edge of the paved surface of any street in the Borough. The Commission is authorized to plant, maintain and protect the shade trees in the borough and is authorized to issue orders on a majority vote of the Commission directing compliance with the shade tree regulations. Please see Chapter 174, Shade Trees of the North Wales Borough Code to view the regulations.

The Commission also reviews permit applications for approval. A shade tree permit is required when any person intends to trim, remove or plant any trees within 10 feet of the edge of the paved surface of any street. Please ask Borough staff for more details.

Meeting Date: 2nd Thursday of the month

Shade Tree Commission Members

  • Lisa Byrne
  • Lynne Fitzgerald, Secretary
  • Martha Lottes, Chair
  • Robin Parker
  • Elliot Sadlon, Vice Chair