Borough Of

North Wales


Public Works

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The Public Works Department maintains 11.46 miles of paved roads, with an additional 2 miles of State owned and maintained highway. The only State owned highway in the Borough is East and West Walnut Street. The Department maintains all directional/traffic flow signs within the Borough, paints crosswalks for school crossings, maintains the street lights, school signal and traffic signal, performs routine street sweeping throughout the year and plows and salts all roadways in the Borough. It would be a great help if all vehicles were parked in driveways where available to facilitate roads being plowed wider.

The Department is also responsible for maintaining all 8 Borough Parks and all storm water collection and conveyance facilities throughout the Borough, which consists of storm drain inlets, culverts, piping and outfall points. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requires all municipalities to monitor, detect and eliminate illicit discharges that can negatively impact the water quality of streams. (Please click here for more information related to stormwater management).