Codes, Plans & Maps


Chapter 1, General Provisions a
Chapter 3, Municipal Authorities
Chapter 14, Drug Task Force
Chapter 17, Emergency Management Agency a
Chapter 21, Fire Department

Chapter 29, Historic Commission
Chapter 43, Human Relations
Chapter 45, Officers and Employees a
Chapter 47, Parks and Recreation Board a
Chapter 50, Pensions
Chapter 53, Planning Commission

Chapter 59, Right to Know
Chapter 62, Salaries and Compensation a
Chapter 65, Shade Tree Commission
Chapter 82, Advertising Material a
Chapter 85, Alarm Systems a
Chapter 87, Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 90, Animalsa
Chapter 92, Apartment Registration
Chapter 96, Brush, Grass and Weeds
Chapter 101, Open Burning a a a a
Chapter 102, Business Privilege Licenses
Chapter 105, Cable Television
Chapter 107, Uniform Construction Code
Chapter 110, Dumpsters
Chapter 114, Emergencies and Hazardous Accidents

Chapter 122, Flood Damage Preventiona
Chapter 130, Historic Preservation District
Chapter 145, Nuisances
Chapter 151, Parks and Recreation a
Chapter 154, Peace and Good Order
Chapter 159, Property Maintenance Code a a
Chapter 162, Public Activities a a
Chapter 171, Sewers and Sewage Disposal

Chapter 174, Shade Trees a a
Chapter 178, Solid Waste

Chapter 180, Stormwater Management a
Chapter 181, Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 184, Subdivision and Land Development a a
Chapter 187, Taxation
Chapter 190, Transient Retail Business a
Chapter 195, Vehicles and Traffica
Chapter 202, Weapons and Explosives a
Chapter 208, Zoning a


2040 Comprehensive Plan
2012 Revitalization Plan
2007 Comprehensive Plan Update
2005 Open Space Preservation Plan Update


Historic District Map
Land Use Map
Parks and Open Space Map
Transportation Network Map
Voting Ward Map
Zoning Map

Flood Information Rate Map (FIRM)

North Wales Flood Map, Revised August 23, 2018
North Wales Flood Map, March 2, 2016
North Wales Flood Map, December 19, 1996

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