North Penn Volunteer Fire Company

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Emergencies Dial 911

The North Penn Volunteer Fire Company has been in existence for over 110 years. The purpose of the company is to provide for the prevention of and protection from fires, fire safety education, fire suppression and emergency medical services to the residents and businesses of the Borough of North Wales, Lower Gwynedd Township and the surrounding communities.

The North Penn Volunteer Fire Company was incorporated in 1930 in Pennsylvania as a nonprofit corporation. Most of their funds are derived from the fund raising activities of their members, and the generous donations of constituents. They are an all-volunteer organization relying on the generous donation of time from their 60+ members. Their membership consists of Volunteer Active (individuals 18 years or over) and Volunteer Junior Active (individuals 16 and 17 years old) members who express an interest in actively participating in firefighting activities. They also have Volunteer contributing members, members who contribute their time or talent to the company in ways other than firefighting.

Volunteer Medical Services Corps
Emergencies: Dial 911

The VMSC provides emergency ambulance services to the North Penn area and surrounding communities. In addition, they conduct rescue operations and provide support services to other ambulance squads, police departments, fire companies, and industry. They also conduct emergency medical training for their membership and the general public.

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