The Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB) is a public advisory body created by state and local laws, the Board of Historical Architectural Review is known, locally and nationally, as HARB. HARB operates under the authority of the State of Pennsylvania’s Historic District Act, General Assembly #167 of 1961, as amended 1963.

HARB’s purpose is to help protect the distinctive and historic character of the North Wales Borough by considering the effects of proposed changes to buildings and properties within historic districts and by ruling on their appropriateness.

Meeting Dates: 3rd Wednesday of each month (as needed)

HARB Members:
Ray Tschoepe, Chairman
Joseph Del Ciotto, Jr.
Charles Guttenplan
Amy Smith
Valerie Vastine-Orbell

Application for HARB review:
HARB Application

Design Standards:
General Information
Design Guidelines – Doors
Design Guidelines – Porches
Design Guidelines – Roofs
Design Guidelines – Walls
Design Guidelines – Windows

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