Borough Of

North Wales


Snow & Ice Removal Procedures

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Clearing the streets of snow and ice is a necessary function to ensure the ability for Emergency Services (Police, Fire and Medical) vehicles to navigate through the Borough. It also provides a safe route of travel for residents, visitors and commerce. 

Cooperation with the residents, businesses and the Borough Public Works crew is the key!

  • Try to get your vehicles off the streets. Some people double park side by side cars in a single driveway right before a storm. This will not hurt the already dormant grass and frozen ground. The more vehicles that are parked off the streets, the better job we can do to clear the snow to the curbs. A prime example is the residents of Smith Street who move all their vehicles off the street which allows for the street to be plowed curb to curb.
  • Public Works plow operators do not purposely push snow into driveways and sidewalks. If the street has vehicles parked on both sides of the street, then there is no choice for the plows to clear the streets and push the snow to either side of the street. In this situation, the practice is for the first plow truck to push the snow to the right from the right lane. The second truck will follow behind and push the snow to the opposite side of the street thus clearing it evenly. Please keep in mind that we need to push the snow as far back and to the sides as possible to accommodate for the next snowstorm. If possible, please refrain from clearing driveway entrances and sidewalks until the storm has passed and the plows have completed their jobs.
  • Please do not put snow into the street after it has been plowed. Often times, people shoveling out their cars or using snow blowers on their sidewalks will deposit the snow in the street. This is prohibited because it creates an ice and snow hazard back in the street that has been cleared. Please deposit the snow on the property adjacent to the sidewalk or vehicle. Hired snow removal services should be informed that “it is prohibited from depositing snow onto any Borough streets.”
  • Please remember it is your responsibility as a property/business owner to clear your sidewalks, including ADA curb ramps at intersections if you have them. Not only does your mail carrier have to deliver mail, but many residents also walk daily to complete tasks, pick up food and necessities from local businesses. It is never a good idea to walk in the street, let alone during or after a snowstorm.

Please be patient and understanding with the Public Works folks. When they have worked many hours to make the Borough streets clear and safe, they must go home and clear out the snow from their driveways, parking spots and sidewalks the same as you.