Codes & Ordinances

Chapter 1, General Provisions           a
Chapter 3, Municipal Authorities    a  
Chapter 14, Drug Task Force         a
Chapter 17, Emergency Management Agency         a
Chapter 21, Fire Department         a
Chapter 29, History and Culture Commission           a
Chapter 45, Officers and Employees         a
Chapter 47, Parks and Recreation Board             a
Chapter 50, Pensions          a
Chapter 53, Planning Commission            a         a
Chapter 59, Public Access to Records           a
Chapter 62, Salaries and Compensation           a
Chapter 65, Shade Tree Commission                a
Chapter 82, Advertising Material                 a
Chapter 85, Alarm Systems                 a
Chapter 87, Alcoholic Beverages                   a
Chapter 90, Animals
               a             a
Chapter 96, Brush, Grass and Weeds                 a
Chapter 99, Building Construction                    a
Chapter 102, Business Privilege Licenses                   a
Chapter 105, Cable Television                 a
Chapter 107, Uniform Construction Codes               a
Chapter 110, Dumpsters                     a
Chapter 114, Emergencies and Hazardous Accidents               a
Chapter 118, Fire Prevention         a
Chapter 122, Flood Damage Prevention
Chapter 130, Historic Preservation District     
Chapter 140, Mechanical Standards             
Chapter 145, Nuisances                a
Chapter 151, Parks and Recreation             a
Chapter 154, Peace and Good Order                  a
Chapter 157, Plumbing               a
Chapter 159, Property Maintenance          a
Chapter 162, Public Activities             a                a
Chapter 171, Sewers and Sewage Disposal             a              a
Chapter 178, Solid Waste                 a
Chapter 180, Stormwater Management
Chapter 181, Streets and Sidewalks                a
Chapter 184, Subdivision and Land Development
Chapter 187, Taxation             a
Chapter 190, Transient Retail Business                a
Chapter 195, Vehicles and Traffic               a
Chapter 202, Weapons and Explosives                  a
Chapter 208, Zoning           a

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