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Frozen water pipes can cause considerable damage and lead to costly repair bills. Here are a few tips you may consider to prevent this situation in your home or business:

  • Insulate all pipes or faucets in unheated areas.
  • Seal off access doors, air vents, and cracks. Repair broken basement windows. Cold winter winds whistling through overlooked openings can quickly freeze exposed water pipes. Avoid plugging any air vents that your furnace or water heater needs for safe operation. Keep the garage door closed if there are water pipes in the garage.
  • Know the location of your master water shutoff valve. If a pipe bursts, this valve turns off water coming into the house and will save your home from damage.
  • Open cabinets to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. Be sure to move any harmful cleaners and chemicals out of reach of children.
  • Keep the thermostat set to a temperature high enough to prevent freezing throughout the building. Leave it at that temperature until the freezing threat passes.
  • Disconnect and drain outdoor hoses. Disconnecting hoses from their spigots allows water to drain from the pipe.
  • Close foundation or exterior vents around the house during the cold months. This will help keep cold air out of crawl spaces.
  • If your meter and shut off valve is in an unheated basement, closet, or crawl space, consider alternate means of providing sufficient heat to the area, or temporary heat by way of a professionally installed heat tape or similar option.
  • Lastly, although not normally recommended, (as it will increase your water and sewer bill) as a last resort, you may wish to run water for a minute or so every half hour, or leave a faucet dripping overnight as this helps in reducing the possibility of freezing pipes.

Please call 215-699-4836 for assistance. Thank you and please be reminded that NWWA does have emergency crews on duty 24 hours per day and will respond to all emergency calls as quickly as possible, with their first priority on water main and fire service repairs.

How you can help prevent Stormwater Pollution:

Please report the following activities to the Borough if they are observed:

  • Sediment leaving a construction site

  • Spills such as chemicals, gas, diesel or oil

  • Illegal dumping activity into streams or storm sewers (Dial 911)

  • Sanitary sewer overflow

  • Dry weather flows from outfall pipes into streams (please allow 72 hours after a rain event to report)

  • Dumping or composting of firewood or leaves along stream embankments

  • Storage of firewood or other loose materials along stream embankments

During Normal Business Hours (M-F, 8:00-4:00 P.M.): 215-699-4424
During all other hours: 215-699-9279

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