PLEASE BE ADVISED: Borough Council officially adopted a Human Relations Ordinance at their meeting on October 22, establishing a Human Relations Commission. The Borough has joined a growing list of 23 Montgomery County communities that have enacted legislation to afford protections to classes of people that are not protected under current state law. The newly established Human Relations Commission is charged with the responsibility of overseeing complaints related to discriminatory actions in the Borough. The Borough is currently seeking five individuals to serve on the Commission. Those interested in serving shall submit a letter of interest, resume and other supporting materials in care of the Borough Manager to The Ordinance shall not take effect until January 20, 2020. This new Ordinance, when implemented, will demonstrate the Borough’s commitment to being an inclusive community for all residents and business owners. Please click here to view the entire Ordinance.

How you can help prevent Stormwater Pollution:

Please report the following activities to the Borough if they are observed:

  • Sediment leaving a construction site

  • Spills such as chemicals, gas, diesel or oil

  • Illegal dumping activity into streams or storm sewers (Dial 911)

  • Sanitary sewer overflow

  • Dry weather flows from outfall pipes into streams (please allow 72 hours after a rain event to report)

  • Dumping or composting of firewood or leaves along stream embankments

  • Storage of firewood or other loose materials along stream embankments

During normal business hours (M-F, 8:00-4:00 P.M.): 215-699-4424
During all other hours: 215-699-9279

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